Shari Heftel

Shari Heftel instructs the following:
  • Crystal Bowl Sound Event
  • Crystal Bowl Sound Event
    with Shari Heftel
    Sunday, January 20th
    Cost $20
    Sound can be used to help quiet the mind, relieve depression and allow more clarity of thought by easing anxiety and worry. Sound has the ability to facilitate stillness and invite feelings of peace to open space for healing on a cellular level. Healing sound can help to balance the brain resulting in whole brain functioning. 
    Shari Heftel uses multiple tuned crystal bowls to create extraordinary harmonic resonances. Participants can simply relax in a comfortable position and allow the waves of sound to wash over and through them.
    Shari Heftel is a passionate wellness advocate, specializing in many healing modalities. She is a certified Rolf Structural Integration Practitioner, massage therapist, and leads classes in Aerial, Kundalini, Yin Yoga, Tai Chi and Natural Movement. Shari lives in College Station, Tx. Learn more about her and her practices at: